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100 m bratislavských

Pedal car race for kindergardens.


  • 2. 6. 2023
  • Hlavné Námestie, Bratislava

About the event

100 m bratislavských – pedal car race for kindergardens

We often have the competing spirit since our childhood,
and we give even the smallest competitors a chance to test their strength. Of course, also behind the wheel of a vintage car, but at a speed at which the only risk is having fun.

The 100 m children’s pedal car race has become an integral part of the 500 km slovenských race
and, in addition to Bratislava, it is also held in Košice However,
they may not be the only cities that will host their races.

If interested, the 100 m race in pedal cars can start in any city.

Unconventional, original and lovely Unconventional, original and lovely. All these attributes could be attributed to the event called 100 metrov košických The race will take place on 2. 6. 2023 on the Main Square in Bratislava. The little competitors will be encouraged by parents as well as visitors. It is a race of kindergarteners from the Old Town, who have to get to the finish line as fast as possible – by driving in limited edition pedal cars. The event 100 meters of Bratislava is part of the veterans race 500 KM SLOVENSKÝCH.


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