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500 KM slovenských 2023

Legendary race of historic vehicles


  • Košice - Bratislava
  • 29. 5 - 02. 6.2023

About the event

The legendary 500 KM SLOVENSKÝCH speed race was held in 1937 and 1938 on the circuit Bratislava – Malacky – Baba – Pezinok – Bratislava.

This circuit was completed five times, so the total length of the race was 500 km. For the first time the Race started on June 20th. 1937 and the weather was not favorable at all. On the wet and rough track there were several accidents and crashes in the treacherous turns of Pezinská Baba. But regardless of this, the competitors were again at the start in the following year, ready to fight for the championship.

500 KM SLOVENSKÝCH became part of another well-known race for several years – 1000 míľ československých, but nowadays it is being renewed as an independent race in its full glory. The period atmosphere filled with the smell of burning petrol, hot oil and roaring engines has a magical attraction for the spectators, while the competitors cannot resist the opportunity to measure their strength and find fellowship and new friendships while competing.