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Legendary race of historic vehicles


  • Košice - Bratislava
  • 26. 5 - 31. 5. 2024

About the event

The quiet time between the two world wars was enjoyed by everyone – except few keen motorists – who decided to take advantage of it by organizing a Speed Race. This was the birth of the legendary “500 km slovenských” Speed Races, held in 1937 and 1938.

To make the whole race even more challenging, the Race included crossing the famous Pezinská Baba mountains pass, where the skill of the then competitors could be fully demonstrated. The organizer of the Race was the Slovenský motorklub and the start was in front of the clubhouse, which at that time was located on Šafárik Square.

At that time the speed races were held on the route Bratislava – Malacky – Baba – Pezinok – Bratislava. This circuit was completed five times, so the total length of the race was 500 km. For the first time the Race started on June 20th. 1937 and the weather was not favorable at all. On the wet and rough track there were several accidents and crashes in the treacherous turns of Pezinská Baba. But regardless of this, the competitors were again at the start in the following year, ready to fight for the championship.

Both cars and motorcycles could enter the race and the vehicles were divided into categories according to engine capacity. The fastest time was achieved by Jan Kubíček on a Bugatti, who covered the five-hundred-kilometers course in 5 hours and 12 minutes, including the difficult climb to Pezinská Baba – a respectable time even today.

The 500 km slovenských race began to write its modern history in the 1970s. The commemorative 500 km slovenských race was held since 1974 and was the first ever vintage cars competition in Slovakia. Since 2021, the race has been revived in a modified form by a new organizer and instead of five circuits in the embrace of the Little Carpathians, the stages have taken the competitors to various parts of Slovakia. The period atmosphere filled with the smell of burning petrol, hot oil and roaring engines has a magical attraction for the spectators, while the competitors cannot resist the opportunity to measure their strength and find fellowship and new friendships while competing.

Na predošlých ročníkoch pretekov 500 km slovenských sa zúčastnilo veľké množstvo automobilov, ktoré už mali možnosť zmerať si sily na trati z Tatranskej Lomnice do Bratislavy a následne aj z Košíc do Bratislavy. Tento rok však bude výnimočný – preteky 500 km slovenských budú organizované v spolupráci s organizáciou FIVA (Fédération Internationale des Véhicules Anciens). Ide o svetovú organizáciu združujúcu majiteľov a nadšencov historických vozidiel.

Every year FIVA chooses one country to host its World Rally and in 2024 that country will be Slovakia. The upcoming Races promise breathtaking views of technical cultural monuments and will present them to audiences from all over the world. Pripravované preteky sľubujú dych berúce pohľady na technické a kultúrne pamiatky, ktoré predstavia tentoraz publiku z celého sveta.

A world tour through the heart of Europe

Racing is traditionally associated with strong rivalries, but there is something even stronger. Friendship. This happens not only behind the steering wheel, when the racers help each other in case of a breakdown, but also during the breaks, when they can talk about the beauties and experiences that the road will surely offer. And we are naturally aware – we deliberately planned the route in such a way that there was something to talk about, so that the crews could enjoy the most beautiful views of the beauties of nature, of unique technical monuments and of the cultural heritage that our colorful Slovakia has to offer. This year’s stages of the race will connect Košice with Bratislava through the impressive Tatras and the fabulous Bojnice, but will also bring together crews from different countries of the world. Only the best will take home precious trophies, but everyone will take away unforgettable experiences, and those are often even more valuable. An event like the 500 KM SLOVENSKÝCH FIVA WORLD RALLYE 2024 has nothing equal in Slovakia, but it is also unique on a global scale. We are glad that many years of experience and constant desire for improvement have attracted the attention of the world organization FIVA. It is a great honor for us to be able to bring the edition 2024, which, as we all hope, will fulfill the expectations of fans and draw the attention of the entire automotive world to Slovakia. See you at the start. See you at the start!


The golden era of motoring is back

After the World War I, the automotive boom began and the development of cars progressed by leaps and bounds. Passenger cars tried to approach racing specials in performance and drivability, and this period lasted until 1950.

It was during this period that automotive industry was dominated by names that became legends and are still known today – Ettore Bugatti, Ferdinand Porsche, Enzo Ferrari, Hans Ledwinka or František Kec.

As in the 1930s, the biggest challenge for the competitors is to reach the finish line successfully. In addition to excellent driving skills, technical skill is also required. Here, too, the solidarity of the participants in helping each other is evident.


Young in spirit and by car

500 km slovenských Youngtimer Trophy 2024

The 2024 edition will bring a continuation of the successful idea from the 2023 edition and alongside the 0ldtimers, the so-called youngtimers, i.e. vehicles with later years of production, will also take off again. Although they will be competing in their own category, the challenge they are facing is the same and they must complete the same race.

Of course, technology has advanced a bit compared to pre – war vehicles, but even youngtimers are not immune to problems, and vehicle technical preparation is just as important as driver skills.

Competitors will be participating in the race with vehicles manufactured between 1951 and 1972. We believe that these vehicles also deserve the opportunity to present themselves in their full glory and their crews a chance to struggle for victory in the legendary race. And last but not least, the audience will get a chance to view a larger piece of automotive history.

Programme of event